Why Pakistan Now Needs to Think Out of The Box

The hinduvta state knows it and the Pakistani establishment know it. Not only is Pakistan economically bankrupt, but it is also ideologically and politically bankrupt.

The policies and ideas that have been implemented over the last 70 years are on their last legs. The challenges coming up may prove insurmountable unless Pakistan revisits what it is about and readjusts its politics.

The elites can no longer rely on the passiveness of the population. The Pakistani awam has been remarkably tolerant, no nation would endure the conditions that they have endured. There is a burgeoning population -with little economic prospects. The cost of necessities is spiralling out of control. Will the Pakistani establishment resort to the biting oppression Egyptian style military rule – it seems to be dirtection with the ISI now being focused on internal issues rather the regional ones.

Next door you have a belligerent India whose rulers would not bat an eyelid in killing millions of Muslims and have fantasies of absorbing Pakistan. They have poked Pakistan in the eye over Kashmir. Already they have threatened to use a nuclear strike first.

To the west after the US leave a Taliban government may well ditch Pakistan for all the treachery since 2001. A worst case scenario is that they may be encouraged to claim Khyber Pakhtunkwa as they have never accepted the Durand line and become hostile to Pakistan.

The Pakistani thinkers, strategy planners and elites all shamelessly dismiss the option of Islamic government. They need to start thinking independently and not blindly follow the West. It’s about time they realised that implementing Islam is the only viable way out of the mess Pakistan finds itself in.

The only way to resolve the economic issues is to reject the yoke of the capitalist economic system and implement the Islamic economic system. The only way to deter India from misadventures is to invoke the spirit of jhad and to develop heavy industry to support militarisation. Islam orders us that the Taliban should be treated the like brothers and Pakistan and Afghanistan should join together as one state.

Establishing the Khilafah is the nuclear option that India has nor bargained for. It can deal with all the issues faced by Pakistan. Pakistan can not rely on the US or China , it needs to stand on its own 2 feet and for that it needs to ditch the begging bowl and adopt Islam as its guiding force.

If the current trajectory in the thinking continues in the ruling circles then the future for Pakistan looks very bleak indeed. It’s time for Pakistani’s to think out of the box.

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