Whose Watchdogs are they?

The Pakistani establishment serves to this day imperial powers, originally British , currently American and possibly in the future Chinese . This is why they were installed in the first place to be watch dogs for the interests of others.

They have no ideology other than to serve their masters and line their own and cronies pockets – no real concern for the Muslims of Pakistan apart from continually duping them with false new political dawns . The population is there for exploitation and flowing taxes to service global finance institutions.

The quote below says it all – the British knew one day they would have to leave

“We must not dream of perpetual possession, but must apply ourselves to bring the natives to a state that will admit of their governing themselves in a manner that may be beneficial to our interests as well as their own.”

[Governor of Bombay, 1819 to 1824, Mountstuart Elphinstone]

The future can not change until Islam is brought as system and a state and that is the real political work that is required not the facade of shallow circus politics of those whose minds and hearts are connected with their masters in the west or east .

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