Transforming Muslim Societies

The real elephant in the room is that Muslims fail to link their belief in Islam to their actions on a collective level. Muslims as an ummah will not rise again as a leading nation until they return the severed link between the aqeeda and the affairs of life. A few thoughts in the points below

  1. The cement of Society

What bonds a society – we say it can’t be nationalism , patriotism, self interests , but rather a bond based upon ideology. By and large western nations are ideological based upon secular creed (put in its simplest form it doesn’t matter what came before life and what came after life just deal with it ). By and large Muslim countries whilst individuals believe that before life there was a creator and after life there will judgement and Jananah or Jahanum – this is not represented in institutions, policies or mainstream political discourse.

  1. What is ideology

Ideology is a viewpoint about man life and the universe ( aqeeda) and how life should be lived based upon this viewpoint – both in terms of solutions to be applied and the way to apply those solutions. Example – In the west gay rights should be permitted based upon secularism , then legislation through democracy and then implementation via education and if needed via judiciary ( courts) and penal code. In Islam gay rights shouldn’t be permitted, this is implemented through the state, education and judiciary and penal code if required.

  1. Muslim Societies

If one is to examine the Muslim world, whilst there are some that have made the connection between their belief and how they view problems should be solved, we see society as a whole remains stuck in confusion and hotch potch of western, nationalistic , benefit based solutions and the link between the aqeeda and solutions for life’s affairs is still not yet the pre-eminent view within these societies. Take Turkey or Pakistan as an example whilst there exist people that want link the Islamic aqeeda with the affairs of life , this intellectual political trend is weak – people prefer pragmatism, doing what you can , patriotism self interest etc.

  1. States are only as strong as the thought they are built upon

The Western nations whilst we may see nationalistic trends, or Trumps decisions that apparently seem to defy any principles at all – when we scratch below the surface everything is consistently linked to the secular viewpoint on life. The average guy on the street will evaluate his life and his view on this basis as well. As such the western world inspite of having an incorrect viewpoint about life consistently refers back to this basis. As such the society moves forward ( sometimes not so smoothly look at brexit ). If Muslims were to establish a Khilafah and not rectify the confusion that exists in thought, then it will very easily be destroyed by infighting , insertion of agents that whilst seemingly achieving results for Muslims ( see Mustafa Kemal as an example the Turks called him Ghazi Mustafa Kemal whilst he was strangling the Ottoman State).

  1. Golden age of Islam.

The period after the Khulafa Rashideen was seen to be a golden period in Islamic history. This was because the linkage between the Islamic aqeeda and how people lived and the rules they implemented were consistent and there was very little intellectual or political corruption i.e ideas based on other than Islam.

  1. The purpose of the Dawah today

The need of the dawah today is to create a strong basis an Islamic ideological basis upon which a state can be established. What many Muslims see as being the priority of securing their interests, fighting Islamophobia, tarbiyah for their children and the call to ritualistic aspects of Islam . Or even the likes of Erdogan or the proponents of just doing a coup who are going for power are not doing the job properly.

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