The Unwritten Constitution of Pakistan – Part 1 – Founding Principles

Pakistan has a written constitution but whatever it contains is often ignored or used only for political point scoring between different factions. The truth of the matter is that a lot of the principles that are implemented by the Pakistani establishment are undocumented but perceptible.

Once it becomes clear what is being implemented only then will Pakistan be able to come out its perpetual crises. As long as people are unclear change is not possible and the cycle of impoverishment, decline and decay will continue.

The founding principles of Pakistan have a lot of emotional and wishful thinking surrounding them. One argument that was used before Pakistan’s formation, during it and to this today – that Pakistan was created for Islam. Although the rhetoric and the emotion led people to conclude that it is the new Madina – the reality of what was left behind by the British Raj was to serve Western colonial interests and not the interests of Muslims living in that land.

Today’s rulers continue to execute these founding principles. Some of these founding principles are derived from historic documentation of why the British wanted to split India and others from policies that clearly lead back to these principles.

Article 1. Founding Principles

1.1 To protect Western interests by using Pakistan’s geographic and strategic location.

1.1.1 To prevent USSR and its successors from reaching Middle Eastern oil and gas resources, blocking any advance to the gulf or to India.

1.1.2 To provide strategic depth to protect colonial interests in Arabian Gulf region by have a stable platform from where to have air and military bases.

1.1.3 To ensure that the West have a pliant state to enact their geopolitical ambitions in the region as the Indian independence movement (Congress) would no longer have cooperated with Britain and thus she would have been removed from the subcontinent .

1.1.4 To enrich the local elites in return for being pliant agents that wilfully cooperate with colonial interests – even to the detriment of their own people

1.1.5 To have and maintain a military, that can defend the borders, maintain the status quo and serve to aid the interests western geopolitical demands in the area.

1.1.6 To have the population serve as a captive market for colonial corporations goods and services.

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