The Pyramid of Capitalism – Alive & Kicking In Pakistan

This image was produced in the US in 1911 describing the social hierarchy in capitalist society.

Many think that this structure just applies in the West. In truth, to me, it fits fairly well with how the hierarchies are arranged in Pakistani society

  1. Capital -in Pakistan this is represented by global financial institutions, external investors and some in Pakistani elite . They own the country and the people.
  2. The Rulers – amongst these are the likes of the civilian leadership Imran Khan etc., the judiciary that runs upon the legacy of the raj and some of the elites and members of the military establishment.
  3. The media and religious institutions – the media is used to protect the status quo and push foreign agendas like the mera jism meri marzi push recently. The religious organisations have been co-opted into the system, most of them will never step out of line to challenge the system, to change it an Islamic one. Rather they keep the Muslims occupied in their individual ibadaat, firkabazzi etc and continue to increase their own interests secure in the knowledge that they are part of the status quo.
  4. The Military and police forces, are there to protect the status quo should the people, rebel. They have been instrumental in making sure that the status quo is not disturbed
  5. There is a Pakistani middle class that enjoys a reasonable standard of life ( at the moment anyway and many might not after the full force of the economic collapse is felt)
  6. Then there are the masses, the majority of the population who are just treated like cattle and are just ignored by the other social classes and state

I am not advocating a socialist critique or change, rather Islamic change and that means restructuring the hierarchies by first establishing the Khilafah. If the oppression is to be removed that is the only solution.

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