Should Muslims Ignore the Plight of Uighur Muslims For Fear of being used to achieve US interests ?

I have seen some discussions on FaceBook that question what is happening in East Turkestan as an issue that is being blown out of proportion by the US, so that the issue can be used as tool to pressure China. Here are some of my thoughts on the matter:

  1. Any issue like this is susceptible to exploitation by various players to achieve their agenda. In this case it is clear that the US has an axe to grind with China and is mobilising elements to raise the issue to gain leverage against China.
  2. The reality of the Chinese regime is that it is well capable of inflicting the atrocities that it stands accused of. There is overwhelming evidence that they have a well developed programme under to erase the the Islamic and traditional identity of the Uighurs. Camps , Han men living with Muslim women , the forcible eating of pork , the enforced consumption of alcohol etc have been well documented. The process of the erasure of Islam amongst the Uighurs is well developed and executed.
  3. This fits cleanly with the Chinese desire to secure East Turkestan as Chinese territory and ensure that their belt and road initiative faces no issues from and ethnically and religiously diverse area.
  4. The barbarity is nothing new for communist regimes , the soviets with their gulags were just as brutal . This is standard communist party modus operandi.
  5. Muslims exposing and raising the issue should be careful of who is exploiting their work to high light the plight of our Uighur Muslim brothers and sisters. They therefore need to frame the discussion in the correct context.
  6. There are some calling for the US congress to act and apply sanctions. Others are mobilising for charity others hope that the international community or someone should do something .
  7. The fact of the matter is that there is not one single state on the face of the planet , that bases its policies on the Islamic aqeeda. The Muslim lands have a confused politics that is tied to trying to secure financial benefit , saving the thrones and executing the policies of colonial masters. This is what is giving the Chinese a free hand to inflict the oppression on Muslims within their domain.
  8. If Pakistan was an ideological state based upon Islam it could tell the Chinese that we will withdraw any cooperation from your belt and road initiative. Turkey could do the same . The gulf states could tell the Chinese sorry we will not provide any oil supplies instead of telling the Chinese that it is their right to oppress the Muslims. The will power is not there because Islam is not there.
  9. The only way to truly and productively help is to link the correct solution to the problem – the reestablishment of Khilafah state it clearly and unequivocally. This stops the issue from being hijacked by others.
  10. Simply raising awareness of what is going on without pushing people to call the establishment of the Khilafah as a clear solution will be exploited for the benefit of others.
  11. Too often Muslims highlight the problem but provide no solution or a solution that fits with the existing status quo This is a diversionary tactic that has been used far too long to derail the call to establishing the Khilafah.
  12. The solution to the Uighur issue and all the other issues facing Muslims is to have a state that represents Islam on the international arena. That can only done by the Khilafah state.

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