Preventing Prevent

Prevent is a British govt policy and is a relatively mild form of the agenda against Islam. Recently we have seen some very ugly manifestations of this agenda , in East Turkestan and in the last few days in Delhi. It is about time that Muslims woke up to the fact that they are under a sustained attack sometimes physically some times intellectually and politically.

The way to respond is to understand that we have no political representation that will fight our corner using the ummah’s resources..

Look at what Turkey did to the brutal Syrian Army in 24 hours. Our resources are not being used to defend us,. There are no workarounds to deal with this attack against Islam and Muslims effectively. Calling to the system to roll back its anti Islamic policies is the height of political naivety.

Muslims should realise that these issues would not even exist if we had a khilafah state and that is an entirely plausible solution. Rather than wallowing in perpetual misery and engaging in fruitless struggles to appeal to a better nature of those that hate Islam. Muslims shouldn’t waste their energies in unproductive ill thought out activism – rather focus on the true solution of implementing Islam in state and society

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