Pakistan is abandoning the Kashmiri Muslims because the Govt & Army have abandoned Spirituality

Many make the argument that Pakistan is in no position to go to war with Modi. The economy, the smaller number of men, being outgunned in the sea, land and air except for number attack helicopters are cited as reasons. The assertion is that this is the reason that Pakistan can only resort to diplomatic means only Pakistan does not have the means. I respectfully disagree.

In fact, the real weakness is not the material means. Rather it is the lack of will power which comes from spirituality. This will power is lacking as there is no connection to Allah (swt) and his messenger (saw) when it comes to the affairs of state. Many in the ranks of govt and military might be good Muslims in a personal sense – this however is confined exclusively to the prayer rooms and their morals. Had there been a connection with Islam, the state of Pakistan would be prepared to use physical force to help their brothers and sister under brutal occupation.

This is what Islam demands and the Modi’s of the world would think twice before trying anything. As it stands, the Hinduvta state understands that Pakistan will not respond due to its pusillanimous state of mind.

Linking to the Islamic belief and following the commands of Allah (swt) is what gives the Muslims their strength and makes them a formidable power. Not doing so illustrates to the world that they are the froth on the oceans, the blood of their children and honour of their women is cheap. India is clearly an oppressor and committing zulm and Islam mandates that they need to be set right.

It is a sad state of affairs that after failure, after failure and crisis, after crisis that those that make the policies in Pakistan can’t work out their weakness. They should take onboard the saying that a definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The connection to Allah (swt) is ignored when policies are being made and this is the weakness.

If we look at the Talibaan it was their spiritual strength that allowed them to fight for 18 years (so far) against the most powerful army in human history. There are many examples in Muslim history that show it wasn’t the material means that allowed victory over the enemies, but a deep conviction in Allah(swt) and abiding by his commands. It’s about time Pakistani’s took note of this fact.

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