Muslims in Britain – Read the writing on the Wall.

Today is the 3rd of March – 96 long years since the abolition of the khilafah.

Many believe that what is happening to Muslims India can’t happen in Britain. A bastion of security, tradition and stable government with all the checks and balances

According to the article below, many have noted that the trajectory of the state is heading towards autocracy in the same manner as Nazi Germany .

Will it lead to the stripping of British citizenship (the precedents have already been set)? Will it lead to pogroms against Muslims? Perhaps this is the trajectory that Britain is headed towards. The facts are the state already has institutionalised Islamophobia in law.

For those observing developments the writing is on the wall – the days of welcoming diversity and multiculturalism are long gone. Which political path should Muslims chose? One that requires to dispense with their Iman by joining parties like Labour or Tory. Or the one built upon and engaging in political work for re-establishment of the Khilafah in countries like Pakistan and Turkey? As a Muslim only one of these options makes sense.

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