Elections and Muslim Political Identity

What is the confusion amongst Muslims about elections? If you were to ask many of those that go to the ballot box, they agree with Islam, believe in Allah (swt) and his Messenger (saw), agree with praying and fasting and wouldn’t dream of eating pork. So what is the strange attraction to placing that X in a box? The answer rests in the fact that Muslims throughout the world not just in Britain are confused about their political identity.

This is not surprising. The politics in the Muslim world is defunct, after the demolition of the Khilafah, the direct occupation of the lands by rapacious imperialists. Then the imposition of strong man tyrants it is hardly surprising Muslims are confused about their politics. The Muslims in the West see a system of electoral politics that by and large addresses the needs of the population. Why shouldn’t they adopt the way of the West as far as they can see, it works and there is no alternative?

The truth of the matter is that they do not understand or envisage what it means to implement shara in today’s modern reality. Who is to blame for this? Are they as individuals or is it the Islamic groups that preach to the people to rectify themselves alone or perhaps those learned Ulema that preach attaining perfection before even thinking about the wider picture? The unstated message in many masaajid week in week out, is pray, fast and give charity if you like but avoid commenting on anything to with societal issues or politics according to Islam, you are not good enough or learned enough.

This leaves the space wide open for Muslims to adopt corrupt political ideas. What is the effect of this? For starters it secularises Islam and introduces the western way of thinking to address life’s issues. So LGBT becomes permitted or outside marriage relationships become ok. It is the change in the ideas that leads to the change in the behaviours. Today, it is becoming a norm that it is acceptable for a young man and woman get together socially prior to marriage. It is the lack of the correct political identity paves the way. It begins to change the outlook and change the tastes. Look what happened to all those Muslims that joined any of the political parties. Look at Sajid Javid, Sadiq Khan or Baroness Warsi they view things in the same way as Michael Gove or Boris Johnson because politically they share the same basic viewpoint based on secularism. Corruption in the political ideas is corruption in the deen.

The one who today prays in the masjid and performs all his rituals according Islam – what will be the effect on his children or their children after that – if he accepts corrupt political ideas. Is he not introducing a selective Islam that will disable his kids minds from understanding the ideas of society as being Islamic or not?

It is important that Muslims throughout the world regardless if they are in Jakarta or New York, understand their deen in a complete way. That they understand secular ideology and how it differs from Islam. Already,we see in our communities the bitter fruits of family discord and all manner of miseries due to the confusion in ideas.

So our political identity needs to be centred on an understanding that without the call for khilafah we have no political identity – we are assimilated – like a cube of ice in a pot of boiling water. We need to get deep into the systems of Islam and its rules and call for them. Without having a clear conception of our political identity the future looks bleak. This is one of the reasons why we cannot talk about the issue of Khilafah enough. All other calls go nowhere near tackling the issues facing Muslims at their root.

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