Creating a New Civilisation of Islam – Without an Islamic Political Structure? Really?

I came across this document produced by the Ayaan Institute . I had a quick read through and I think it is a rejuvenated attempt to make sure Muslims are bifurcated from need to re-establish the khilafah. I have the following observations .

  1. We are in an era of history where the Western powers are in decline – they will no longer be in a position to dictate to Muslim and other nations as they did in the past. The enemies of deen will seek to divert us from restoring Islam to the world stage.
  2. It is encouraging that institutes like this are thinking about Muslim unity even though they seem to have missed the universally understood fact that you require political authority to implement your ideas. The existing regimes are not there to do that rather they exist to serve a narrow elite class internally and the colonialists externally.
  3. The impracticality of what is mentioned as the “Bottom up” approach has been proven and such efforts have yielded very little. If we look at what has happened , Ikhwan ul muslimeen in various Arab Lands – take Egypt – president Morsi struggled to implement Islam whilst he had the presidency and was constantly undermined due to the nature of how he reached power , through compromise . A similar fate in Pakistan for Jamaat Islami. President Erdogan whilst many believe him as having a desire to implement Islam has to pander to the wishes of the secularists including having to subordinate himself to Mustafa Kemal, making deals with the yahood and not to mention having to introduce high rates of interest in order to stop the meltdown of the Turkish economy. So can such work really be seen to practical or a desperate clutching of straws
  4. The political authority of Islam rests in the Ummah , for this reason work has to be done in securing awareness of Islam and building of public opinion to re-establish the Khilafah.
  5. To expect that anything lasting or useful can built by the existing status quo is na├»ve to say the least. Muslims have to unite upon the ideas of Islam and understand that they need a political authority based on Islam – which is known as the Khilafah ruling system and is fully referenced in Islamic texts and was applied for more than 13 centuries .
  6. Efforts like this one by the institute only serve to preserve the status quo and serve agendas to reshape or reform Islam to become compatible with the existing world order. Even the World Economic Forum is praising the concept of Zakat as they wish to apply negative interest rates, this is hardly an achievement towards the implementation of Islam
  7. Malaysia, Turkey and Pakistan all have to bow to the International order , unless they have a popular , visible and vocal base for the implementation shariah in their countries, which would also include the call for reunification under the khilafah , they will achieve little more than what the Arab league or OIC have.

In summary without the Islamic ruling system under the khilafah state , the rules of Islam can not be applied – this is what all Muslims need to be clear about so that we can save humanity from the dark fate that awaits it under the hands of the current tyrannies.

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