Capitalism only looks after the people with the Capital

The picture says it all.

Muslims in Pakistan, Malaysia, Turkey, Egypt and the rest of the Muslim world must stop aspiring to copy the Western economic system . It is oppressive an trickles all the wealth up in to a few hands.

It transfers the wealth to the people with the capital and who are wealthy.

The section below is taken from the Book Nizam al iqtisad page 235 explaining how Islam deals with inequality in society

Economic Equilibrium in Society

Islam has made the circulation of currency between all citizens an obligation, and it has forbidden the restriction of such circulation to a certain group of people to the exclusion of others. Allah says:

“Lest it circulates solely among the wealthy from amongst you.” [Al-Hashr:7]

If there were an excessive disparity between individuals within society in terms of securing the needs, and if society needed to be rebuilt a new, or if this disparity was caused by neglect of or the indifference in the implementation of the Islamic rules, the State would be under obligation to redress the situation by handing out financial assistance to those in need, until these basic needs were satisfied, and until a balance in distribution was struck. The State should endeavour to provide both movable and immovable commodities, for its aim should not only be to temporarily fulfil one’s needs, but also to provide the means which would assist the individual in his quest to fulfil his own needs over the long term. If the State were short of funds, and if its revenues were insufficient to generate such a balance within society, it would be wrong for it to impose taxes on its citizens for the sake of bringing about such balance, for this matter is not the duty of all the Muslims ;it should rather endeavour to generate funds from sources other than taxes, such as the war booties and public properties in order to bring about the balance. Therefore, whenever the State feels that there is a disparity in the economic balance within society ,it should address this disparity by handing out financial assistance from the treasury to those in need, provided funds gained from booties and public properties were available.

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