Brexit and the factions in British Politics

What’s playing out in Britain is a tussle between, the “imperialists” that believe in the days of empire and that Britain should still be a great power. They think because the international system is in a state of change that Britain through its astuteness, treachery and savagery can regain its standing ( and enrich its capitalist classes) , by supporting wars , playing peoples off against each other so that it gain economically. This element of the establishment believes that it can achieve this. They are not really worried about the impact on the average man , the pieces can be picked up later – besides they think the population needs to be put work and their poverty is self inflicted.

The other faction in this are the ones that take a more pragmatic approach – they see that Britain is not what it once was – as Blair put it just with their population India and China can sit on us and it is better for Britain to work with Europe so that it has more clout. They realise that Britain is now a medium sized power. They have thrown up every obstacle that they could do derail Brexit but the clock is ticking.

British politics is stagnant and isn’t working, having been replaced by technical bureaucracy as in much of Europe. A no deal Brexit would reset the politics and clear out the entrenched political sluggishness and initiate new political thinking. The radical approach if applied carefully could reinvigorate British politics . If it is a no deal Brexit the entrenched order in politics would be swept away . If Britain stays in the European union (which is looking increasingly unlikely) it will dissolve into mediocrity , which for many arrogant Brits in the elites is an unacceptable position to be in.

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