Are Status Quo Muslims prolonging the Misery Faced by the Ummah and Mankind?

Dictionary definition: Status Quo – noun “the existing state or condition”

The innocent 2 year old that is blown to smithereens by munitions in Syria , or the malnourished child that is wasted away to its skeleton desperately gripping on to life in Yemen. The father of eight children, that is driven to suicide in Karachi, due to not being able to earn enough to feed his family. These are just some examples of the condition of the weakest constituencies of the Ummah. From 1.8 billion Muslims in the world many of them are exposed to a situation that is out of their hands. Conditions that have been imposed upon them, that they cannot escape from and in most cases they are helpless. This is the effect of the status quo upon them.

There are Muslims for whom the status quo is not as stark. Perhaps they live in stable states, or find themselves having been brought up in conditions that have allowed then an education, a family and a home. Materially, the status quo they think is favourable to them even though they recognise the lack of Islam where they live. Of course this status quo still brings them destruction in terms of greed in business, haram earnings, high divorce rates and dysfunctional families – but these issues are put down well it’s the way of the world these days. Many of them look to what they have and the situation of others in the Ummah and fear to be in such a position as other Muslims. Some are desperate to preserve the status quo in which they live.

There is no issue, with Muslims living in comfort, relative affluence and safety. It is wrong for them to submit to the status quo they live in because it is not based upon Islam, Islam commanded Muslims to live under the shade of shariah law. In the case it is not implemented it is upon them to re-instate it. They are generally happy with the way their world is. Even though if they understood the demands of Islam and the mission of its messenger (saw) they should be thoroughly dissatisfied. The truth is that it is those that are blessed with safety and education in the Ummah are the ones that can do the most for solving the issues that Ummah faces.

Many whilst they are happy to put their hands in their pockets to give some charity, or engage some Islamic educational course, or commit to going to the masjid for salah providing these activities will not rock the boat. An emotional response largely based upon fear as it marginalises the truth that Islam is a complete way of life.The least we as Muslims could do is think deeply about why the Muslims are facing the problem they are. Mostly when we discuss people agree it’s because we lack a Khilafah state as the proofs from both reality and text have been well explained over the years. Having said that they are convinced you see the same Muslims silent on presenting khilafah as the solution. If these same Muslims added their weight the call by advocating wherever they could about the reestablishment of Khilafah , convincing all they meet surely they would be doing haq. If they were seriously advocating the restoring of a state they would have an impact on those that hold the reins of power influence.

Instead we see these same brothers and sisters advocating charity as a solution, preaching and countering anti Islamophobia. All activities, that preserve the status quo and perpetuate the hold of non Islam over the Muslims. All they do is drive activists energies into a cul de sac or in circular activities. Maybe it is fear, is it ignorance, is it defeatism or perhaps its putting one’s own interests over the dictates of Islam? No one is saying it is not permitted for Muslims to do these things, in some cases it may be a necessity. These activities should not be a substitute for driving towards change in the ummah as such actions will never bring the required change, but keep the prevalent situation in place , nay even allow worse situations to befall the Ummah. Surely stating that Muslims need the Khilafah should lead for actions for change, not actions to preserve the status quo.

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