Are Muslims in Britain developing a Liberal- Secular Attitude towards the Muslim World?

Recently I came across this article in the link below from the British Muslim Magazine.

It got me thinking about what is our relationship with the Muslim world. It seems that Muslims in Britain fall in to 2 main categories

  1. Muslims that view relations on the basis that they are “British” so they view their relationship with the Muslim world as any other UK resident would view it. They look at the Muslim world as something apart from themselves with an interesting history and culture , but it’s not them.
  2. Muslims that are practicing yet some somehow have a similar view with religious sentiments. “Halal” tourism is something that travel providers pitch to them. Some view that if they send their children learn Arabic that their children will some how become immune to the ill influences of British life. So although they have Islam in outlook but they still view the Muslim world as the other

The reason I find this approach problematic is that

  1. It distances Muslims from the concept of being one ummah Muslims start to view themselves “British” and sever their link with their Ummah.

“The believers are but brothers”

Qur’an [Al’Hujurat:10]

The parable of the believers in their affection, mercy, and compassion for each other is that of a body. When any limb aches, the whole body reacts with sleeplessness and fever.”

[Bukhari, Muslim]

  1. The outlook is based on the assumption that Muslims are safe in Britain with their deen. This defies the reality on many levels. The agenda is to assimilate Muslims to British society make Muslims view Islam as nothing but a religion like Christianity, sikkism, Hinduism or bhudism.
  2. These understandings distance Muslims in Britain from the global struggle for Khilafah. It is sad that many view what is happening across world to our brother’s sisters as bystanders and just putting some coins in a bucket. It is our obligation to actually call for real change.
  3. They miss the writing on the wall that the institutions like the judiciary and education now have hatred of Islam built in. In the half a century that Muslims have been here what have we achieved apart from building mosques. To follow Islam you need a state many Muslims miss this
  4. Given the economic situation Muslims are likely to be the scapegoats in society. Many Muslims think because they are allowed to pray ( even that is questionable given the mosques have been shutdown and beaches allowed to operate) they somehow have a rosy future. Things can easily take a turn for the worse , they need to be looking at calling for Islam in their countries of origin like Pakistan or Bangladesh. They must view it as their own issue , they are obliged from shariah. That must be the aim of their activism.

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