Addressing Knife Crime – My Thoughts

I think it is an important discussion for Muslims to put things into context I wish to make the following points. If I am wrong, inaccurate or totally off the mark in what I am saying then mention it in the comment and we can discuss it.

  1. Knife crime is result of the nature of the system , and how people behave is built upon the values of that system. Knife crime is only a singular manifestation of a whole plethora of undesirable acts committed in society.
  2. It is not possible to solve this problem individually either amongst Muslims or the society as a whole. It it has to be a systemic change.
  3. The Muslims in this country live according to the norms of society , and are segment of the society and will be effected by knife culture etc. The same rules apply to all who live in society so can Muslims really give an Islamic solution . Apart from your immediate family you have no control over anyone. Your flogging a dead horse if you think you will achieve a comprehensive change amongst Muslims , the best you can expect is a few individuals here and there.
  4. The govt has thrown a lot of resources into addressing this and other crime issues – it has also co-opted non governmental organisations to help within their respective communities Green Lane Mosque being an example. The govt not only has law , police, it has an education system and many small quangos that in return for funding will do projects for the common good ( as perceived by the state) . The latest step is increasing police by 20, 000 members.
  5. By exposing individual freedom ( which isn’t the singly most dangerous concept as asserted ) it doesn’t make a jot of difference to the revival of the Muslim Ummah. It is not possible to reform the individuals without reforming the system that they live under. What we aim for is a change in the collective thinking towards the establishment of Islam as a system to live by. This is the productive work that needs to be the top priority.
  6. Dawah carriers if they are still loyal to Islams directives and not mindless activism have a duty to prioritise their actions to political ideological work that will have a direct impact on reviving the ummah via the restablishment of the Khilafah state, the rest frankly is a waste of time and energy that will achieve nothing but delay in the victory for Muslims.

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