A work-around is not a solution –it is a temporary fix (maybe)

I went out for a walk in the countryside with some brothers this morning. The rain stayed away, the air was fresh and the scenery was a reminder of the beauty Allah (swt) creation. We struck up a conversation about the solution to the problems of the ummah namely that we need to re-establish the khilafah. Without the khilafah we will continually tumble from one problem to another. This after all is a fact that is proved in reality and is a truth that most accept.

In the discussion whilst it was not denied that re-establishing the khilafah was the solution. The view was that we live in Britain and we need solutions now. I explained whilst I don’t have any issue with Muslims trying to keep to their ibadaat by establishing mosques, providing halal food and burials etc. Whilst they cover the basic requirements these projects will bring us nowhere near living Islamically and are not solutions but a work-around.

Muslims both in the West and in Muslim countries seem to have become accustomed to dealing issues with a work-around. Worse still some accept the implementation of non Islamic norms and rules around them. Just take the riba loan, pay the bribe etc. The solution I insisted elaborated for Muslims if they want to live according to Islam is to implement it. I then got the usual but such a state won’t last and is not really feasible. There is not much we can do, it’s a big ask etc…

We talked about Pakistan, the point put was if Pakistan was to withdraw from the capitalist economic system it would be disastrous for it. I countered that there are many nations that have been under economic sanctions. North Korea for example has been under sanctions from the US since the 1950’s it is still there, Iran has been under sanctions since the late 1970’s and Cuba has been under sanctions since Castro first took power to this day.

The issue is having the will to bring change about and accepting all it entails. I quipped that some brexiteers have a better attitude to change than many Muslims. When it was put to a brexiteer on a news programme that they would have to struggle and it may cost them – he replied it’ s the right thing to do and we are prepared for that , we are British and will find a way we always do.

We as Muslims have to recognise that there is such a thing as a work-around and there are solutions there is a difference between the 2 things. One is a temporary fix ( with lots of flaws) and the other solves the issue from the root.

Take the example of education. As a work-around many used to think was to have Islamic schools to educate their children. The government have cracked down on such schools using OFSTED, some have closed and some have complied with the stringent conditions imposed. That work-around has been closed down. Some have cleverly thought of another work-around home schooling, which is liable to being shut down or at least regulated. Others have thought to go places like Egypt after a few years they realise it is impractical and only a few with sufficient resources and dedication can do it. Others use a work-around by sending their kids to dar ul looms to “alim courses” yet these same schools are obliged to follow the government line. The Islamic education that these alims are taught is dry and has no connection to life.

So what is the solution you may ask ? Islam says the education for Muslims must be provided by the state. Why do none of states in the world provide this education – because they do not implement Islam. We need to wake up to the fact the British state don’t do halal solutions it has its own history, values, objectives and ideology. Now that multiculturalism is dead why should they?

Instead of working for the solution that will benefit all Muslims (political work to re-establish the khilafah) – most selfishly try to satisfy themselves by finding a work-around. We mustn’t be irrational we must understand the issue at hand. The solution is to unite for the political objective of resuming the Islamic way of life by restoring the khilafah. This is not a work-around but a solution

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