A Case Against Mindless Activism

In this period that we are going through, Muslims have not carefully analysed the issues that they are facing . Neither have they prepared a clear road map to extricate themselves from this state of affairs.

They have not attempted to analyse the root causes of the issues facing us. Rather many jump onto activities that they feel will help. Collecting charity in boxes, demonstrating for various issues . It is important that the problem is defined and the solutions can then be worked for .

In the paragraph below are some golden words from chapter 4 of the book Nizam al Islam. In a nutshell, actions must be taken for effective aims that are well thought out.

Carrying the Islamic da’wah necessitates that every one of its actions be undertaken for a specific objective. The carrier should always be aware of this aim and work towards achieving it, exerting himself relentlessly to fulfil it. Therefore, the carrier would not be satisfied by thought without action and would deem it to be a hypnotic and fanciful philosophy. Likewise, he would not be satisfied by thought and action devoid of any objective, considering this to be a spiral motion which ultimately ends in apathy and despair. Instead, the da’wah carrier has to insist upon connecting the thought with action and uniting the two in working for a specific objective which will be fulfilled in a practical manner and be brought into existence.

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