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The future of muslims in the west

The world is changing. What was accepted to be a norm a few years ago is no longer so. Behaviors ...
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Building Masaajid

It is true that the Prophet (saw) said “Whoever builds a masjid for Allah, Allah will build for him likewise ...
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Are Muslim Palestine Activists Being Suckered into Marxism?

The recent occurrences in Masjid al – Aqsa have inflamed the feelings Muslims all over the world. Yet the response ...
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Understanding the Islamic Dawah in Todays Reality

Many Islamic activists suffer a confusion that causes in them a paralysis in action. In this age that has gone ...
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Sadarat-E-Nizam- The Presidential System In Pakistan; Cut From The Cloth of Old Failures?

Pakistan, since its inception has used the parliamentary system of government given to it by it’s British colonial masters. The ...
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Economic Liberation Zoom discussion on the Prophet Muhammad's (SAW) impact on the world ...
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Are Status Quo Muslims prolonging the Misery Faced by the Ummah and Mankind?

Dictionary definition: Status Quo - noun “the existing state or condition” The innocent 2 year old that is blown to ...
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Future of Muslims in Britain - Secular or Islamic In this podcast we discuss how Muslim Identity is actually shaped ...
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